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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Does your pool table need a little TLC (table love and care)? Whether you need basic repairs such as new pockets or a complete overhaul we are here to take care of all your pool table repair needs. We set up and level tables as well as replacing cushions and pockets. 

Our knowledgeable staff is ready and willing to assist you in anything you may need. We can give you a quote tailored specifically to your needs. 


Set up a table within 20 miles

Set Up and Level Used Pool Table (Most Models)


Set Up New Table (Purchased online or from a source other than Orange County Billiards)


Antique and specialty tables that require special handling please call for quote

Replace A Part within 20 miles

Replace Rubber Cushions (combined with recover or move job)


Replace Rubber Cushions (with existing cloth)


Replace Plastic Pockets


Replace Plastic Premium Pockets


Replace Leather Pockets Most Tables


Major Relevel (includes realigning and resealing slate seams)


All prices listed can be drastically reduced by packaging services. Call us today!

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