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Some of the most frequently asked questions we get are…  What kind of tips do you have and what is the difference? Well, I could go on and on about tips for hours but I will keep it brief and easy to understand. The tip is the most important part of the pool cue…PERIOD! You can have a $10,000 custom made cue and if you have a cheap poor quality tip on it it will play bad. Conversely, if you have a $29 Walmart cue with the best tip you can get, it will play much better. The reason for this is because the tip is the only part of the cue that makes contact with the cueball. Imagine if you have the fastest race car in the world but you put old worn out bald tires on it…do you think you can win a race against similar cars (even if they are not as fast) with great tires? When you play pool and need to apply english or spin and your tip isn’t shaped properly or is worn down you run the risk of a miscue. Even more critical than that is if every time you have to make an important shot you are worried about how your tip will react you won’t have the confidence to execute the shot with the correct amount of force…. Now you know why the tip is so important and why it is in my opinion the most important part of the cue.

About the different brands, types and materials of tips and the main differences:  There are several brands of tips. A few of the most popular are…. Moori, Kamui,  Tiger, Le Pro, Wizard, Diamond, Elkmaster, Triangle and Tad.  The material most often used is leather. More specifically cow hide and pig skin. The best tips made are laminated layers of pig skin. Moori and Kamui are hand made in Japan and are the choice of many professional players. They are 11 layers of pressed pig skin and will hold their shape, grip the ball better and last longer than standard 1 piece cow hide tips. Because these tips are not mass produced in a factory they are made available in several hardness catagories  (super soft, soft, medium soft, medium and hard) to suit any playing style.  Some manufacturers like Tiger or Tweeten make several different kinds of tips marketed under one main brand.

So how do you know which tip is right for you? I always recommend trying different kids of tips and choosing the one that feels best for your game. There is no right or wrong it is purely a matter of what YOU like. If you are not sure what kind to try you can hit some shots with a friends cue and if you like it you can ask what kind of tip they use. Any good cue repairman can also make recommendations based on price, your ability or league handicap ranking, whether you use a lot of english and whether you are a hard or soft shooter. Orange County Billiards has a complete cue repair facility on site and carries almost every type of tip on the market. In most cases tip repair is done while you wait and can range in price from $15 – $40 per tip installed. If O.C. Billiards recommends a tip for you to try and you don’t like it… just come back in within 7 days and they will put any other tip of equal value on at no charge! If at that time you wish to upgrade to a higher quality tip simply pay the cost difference and get any tip you’d like.  For more information about tips please visit their showroom and ask for Robert.

Next entry we will talk about Pool Leagues…Do’s and Don’t…Which leagues to join and why…What to expect on League night….Is league play right for you?

Until next time…. Keep Your Tip Shaped, Your Balls Clean and Don’t Forget to Chalk Up!

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