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Everyone loves gadgets. So what’s in your cue case? There are so many different gadgets for Shaping, Scuffing, Trimming, Smoothing, Polishing, Cleaning, Chalking, Burnishing…OK OK You get it! How can you possibly know what to carry? What is needed? Not needed? I know players that carry so many gadgets their case looks like a mechanics tool chest!  Here is a brief guide to what you should carry with you, what you don’t really need and what you can’t leave home without.

Tip Shapers: MUST HAVE. As mentioned in a previous blog post, the tip is the most important part of your cue and having it properly shaped is just as important. There are many different types of shaping tools but some of the best are: Ultimate Shaper, Porper’s Shaper/Tacker, Willards, TruTip, Cue Cube and my favorite is the all in 1 B.A.T. Shaper from The B.A.T. Shaper is a Bridge, Aerator, Tapper and Shaper built into an all aircraft aluminum tool. There is nothing like it on the market. Check out their website for more details and photos.

Slip On Bridge: MUST HAVE: There are only a couple types on the market but I suggest you carry one. Almost every time you play you will inevitably approach the table only to find you can’t reach the shot. Having a bridge head that easily slips on to any cue will solve this dilemma. There is an inexpensive gadget commonly referred to as the moosehead bridge or as mentioned before the B.A.T. Shaper either will take care of this situation when it comes up in your next game.

Shaft Conditioner: SHOULD HAVE.  You should carry some type of cloth, or mild abrasive papers to smooth your cue shaft. Q-Wiz, Q-Smooth, Tiger Shaft Smoother and my recommendation SHAFT-M8 by The best part about SHAFT-M8 is it’s an actual cloth with micro abrasives woven into the material mounted on a soft foam core. It is the equivalent to 3200 grit sandpaper and will not harm your cue. It is washable and re-usable and will last for years. These type of shaft conditioners will keep your shaft silky smooth and feeling great while you play.

Pocket Chalker: MIGHT WANT. Having some type of personal chalker isn’t really needed but they are nice to have. Most places provide chalk but if you don’t like the brand of chalk at your local bar or pool hall it is very easy to bring some of your favorite chalk with you. If you are one of those gadget loving people like myself you can look for the TiP STiK or ULTiM-8 Chalker on CUE-TOOLS.COM. They both have needles built into them to aerate your tip to hold chalk better and on the ULTiM-8 the part that goes into your pocket has machined shapers to scuff and properly shape your tip to hold chalk better.

Cue Holders: MIGHT WANT. There are several types of cue holders you can use to keep your cues from falling over between turns at the table. Q-Claw, Qlaw, Cue Caddy and my favorite Cue It Up which is a light weight clip that clamps on to most pub tables or drink rails in the bar and allows you to rest your cues in notches on the clip to help protect it from getting knocked over while you aren’t using them.

Hand Powder: NOT NEEDED. Unless your hands are very very sweaty stay away from powder. It isn’t good for your cues and it will make a mess of everything in your case.

If you are wondering where to get any of the items mentioned in this blog feel free to contact us at  (714) 379-1850

Next post we’ll take a look at cloth and why it is one of the most important part of your pool table.

Until next time…. Keep Your Tip Shaped, Your Balls Clean and Don’t Forget to Chalk Up!

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